Mt Tam Media is putting a new spin on “community”. We believe by Exploring that which is within one’s reach first, Unification, is inevitable. The more we learn about our own community, the more Inspired we are to passionately Serve the world around us.

Mount Tam MEDIA is an (r)Evolutionary Community Hub. Get ready for an adventure and join us on an exploration to uncover some of the best-kept secrets about the people, communities, and history that make up and surround the majestic, mysterious and powerful Mt . Tamalpais. It is our belief that Mt Tam, aka, “The Sleeping Lady”, is a major source of inspiration to the residents living at its base and assisted on some level in producing some extraordinary, innovative and fascinating alternative perspectives.  We will therefore be capturing these stories as we start delivering weekly, video and podcasts (TAMCASTS) reflecting what we consider to be views from the “other side of the mountain” on otherwise familiar topics. Our hub will deliver to our loyal viewers, new streams of consciousness such as HEALTH-redefined, GREEN-living room, HIGH TECH-low down MEDIA-caught on tape, SPORTS- unplugged and more (r)Evolutionary TAM Titans we’ve featured in our local publication, Mill Valley Living.

Our Mission

Our overall mission is to create a platform that can ultimately be replicated by communities across the globe. One that encourages and provides the resources and opportunities for people to come together and spend more time Exploring and learning about their surroundings and each other. This will help Unite versus divide, leading to a more collaborative approach as we navigate our way through a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. The more we learn about what resources are available, the more inspired we will be to work together to create solutions that will have the greatest impact, ensuring we Evolve and create a sustainable future for our children and future generations.

Mount Tam Media will ultimately become the “Mothership” providing a platform and plethora of resources to assist other communities eager to join the (r)Evolution and adopt what will eventually be a proven model. The hub will also be where communities can share success stories, resources, and valuable information.

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