Isabella Welch

Isabella Welch : Fashion Model and Resiliency Advocate The Other Side of The Mountain

Welcome to The Other Side of The Mountain as we delve into the lives of individuals who have undergone exceptional, sometimes heroic and other times painful experiences and have discovered inner peace by embracing new, unconventional perspectives and an expanded understanding of the world. They all have one thing in common-the live-they live “Outside the Box” These discussions aim to assist individuals in breaking free from the restrictive ideas and conventions we often find ourselves confined to. Change does not have to be a drastic, life-altering event.”Isabella Welch :  ( feature within the Mill Valley Living Magazine : ( My Beauty : ( : Tami Larson / Founder of Mount Tam Media ( : Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz :  ( Mount Tam Media Podcast LineupTales from the Green Room, Backstage conversations from popular music venues around the country curated by Mount Tam Media.   ( Women are Smarter, Exploring the journey of inspirational women in the music and film industry and other owned and/or operated businesses and non-profits, as their upward empowerment trajectory hits a crossroads with Roe V Wade.  (

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