I grew up at the base of a beautiful mountain in a place known to many as “God’s Country”,  Bend, Oregon. As beautiful as it was, I would still find myself dreaming of one day living near the ocean. It’s been 24 years now since I took my first bike ride on Mount Tamalpais while visiting a friend in the area. I was currently living in Seattle but two months later found myself moving and planting new roots in Mill Valley, the place I now consider home and raised my two amazing children. Lately, when I take the short, 20 minute drive through the Redwoods to Stinson Beach, I can’t help but ponder and reflect; Are the kids, as they glide in from their last surf of the day, actually aware of the spectacular masterpiece being painted behind them as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean? Do they have any idea how truly fortunate they are to have been raised at the base of a magical mountain, surrounded by Red Red Woods, next to a bay, and less than 1/2 hour drive away from the ocean and one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

I recently determined that my unwavering decision to always be true to myself, remain inquisitive about virtually everything, fearless when necessary, and to never stop dreaming, provided the essential foundation to finally build my own company. I for one, do know how incredibly fortunate I was to find, and ultimately choose Mill Valley as my home. Mount Tam Media is therefore, in part, my way of giving back.

Our magazine, Mill Valley Living, celebrated its three year anniversary in February of 2023. Mount Tam Media was created to expand, continue discovering and sharing all the wonders of this community and give everyone a view from “the other side of the mountain”. I am beyond grateful to have been given the opportunity to express my new life’s mission and work in our company tagline: “EXPLORE. UNITE. EVOLVE. I’ll see you on the mountain!


Our Mission

Based at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais in Mill Valley, California, “Mount Tam Media” inspired by the mountain’s legend, “The Sleeping Lady”, is putting a new spin on “Community”. Our mission is to encourage our residents to Explore, Unite, and Evolve. Our monthly, local publication, Mill Valley Living, has focused exclusively on the city of Mill Valley and its residents. Each issue we highlight on the cover, and as our feature story, a local resident or family, nominated by other local community members. It was during our quest to uncover the unique, nostalgic and distinct people in Mill Valley, that we came to realize Mount Tamalpais was always weaved somehow into their stories. Over and over again, Mount Tam found its way into every feature we’ve published. Either our majestic mountain is what drew those we interviewed here in the first place, or became an integral part of their lives once taking residence. Our beautiful “Sleeping Lady” is truly the heart of this community. Our mission is to awaken her spirit by expanding our Explorations, and Uniting those in the communities that have been built on her foundation. Mount Tam Media is a (r)Evolutionary hub providing visitors a view from “The other side of the mountain” full of inspiring art, videos, podcasts, expanded feature stories, sports highlights including surfing, biking and even bird watching. We will also share in our blog exciting new ways to break free of “boxed thinking” with alternative and innovative ideas provided by the plethora of hidden gems that surround and reside at the base of the magical Mount Tamalpais. Our hope is that the more we awaken you to the breadth of wonder that exists all around us, the more encouraged you will be to Explore, Unite and join us in the inevitable (r)Evolution.