Sun Honeys

All Natural Comfort Yoga, Swim and Lounge Wear-  Inspired from Nature’s Bounty

Co-founded by two like-minded Marin County Heathers, Heather Piper of Mill Valley and Heather Barton of West Marin came together to honor their mutual appreciation for our natural world to create luscious, stretchy, comfy and cozy sustainable yoga, swim and loungewear.  

Heather P.’s passion for garments stemmed from her background in professional figure skating and competitive swimming and diving in which she always felt confined to very tight materials and longed for a new clothing alternative for active movement. Meanwhile, Heather B. has been a life-long dyer of clothing, sheets and curtains and after regularly tye-dying for her friends over the years, Barton, a self-proclaimed “cleaner” has not used paper towels for years, instead opting to create her own brand of hand-dyed cotton rags–Sunshine and Honeys.   Fast forward to Sun Honeys and you have the perfect collaboration of two genuine souls who draw powerful and thoughtful inspiration from their local natural environment while following the golden light of the sun.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration as we are constantly surrounded by the ever changing colors in nature. Nature-inspired colors are healing and create balance as they continue to gain increasing importance in eco-fashion– a respite to the chaos and digitally charged lifestyles we all experience in our everyday lives. 

Using powder plant dyes, every color in the Sun Honey collection is unique as each garment is hand dyed and brined in Himalayan sea salt and distilled vinegar,  one at a time and dried in the California sun. The vinegar and salt lock the colors in without having to use smelly chemicals. Made of 100 percent organic materials, sourced from Australia and New Zealand including elastane and spandex- Sun Honey’s distinctively ribbed garments are extremely lightweight, comfortably form fitting and flattering as they adhere to your body like a second skin. The garments are organically hand dyed using very little water out of respect for the environment and our precious resource, water. 

From the serene sway of blue ocean waves to the lively warmth of vibrant bougainvillea, lilacs and daffodils to the grounding effect of earth tones to sapphire and emerald crystals, Sun Honey colors are inspired by the abundance of colors in our golden state.  Sun Honey’s production quality and design create an undeniable sense of comfort supported by inclusive sizing that naturally flatters all body types.
Whether heading to a yoga class, jumping in a pool or the ocean, or simply hanging out, Sun Honey’s provide feel-good versatility, naturally.

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